Army Medical Services Museum – An Undiscovered Local Treasure


The excellent Army Medical Services Museum at Keogh Barracks in Mytchett remains open, after the last passing out parade was held at the barracks last month. Defence Medical Services is now located at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield.

The barracks is not closing, and will be modernised over the next two years. The eventual occupants are undecided yet.

The Museum’s Facebook page is full of interesting information, and fascinating historical facts and exhibits. Rounding the corner from one exhibit, an ‘iron lung’, a reminder of the devastating impact of polio. A must see for another visit. Museums are places for quiet contemplation, especially so when encountering the exhibits and stories behind the of the numerous VC’s.

One provision for potential visitors, as the Museum is located inside Keogh Barracks, there’s a security check at the gate, which requests proof of identity. Your photo is taken, and you’re then issued with a photo ID visitors pass.

AMS Museum

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